Simple Lace Knitting - $15

Wednesday, March 30th, 6p-8p - FULL

Saturday, April 2nd, 12-2p

If you've been wanting to give lace knitting a try, but are intimidated by the charts, abbreviations, and the idea of intentionally making holes in your knitting, join us for this beginning lace class.  Students will learn how to work basic lacework decrease and increase stitches and some lace knitting tips while starting a gorgeous feather-and-fan scarf.  Once students are comfortable with the stitch pattern, we will be focusing on "reading" your lace knitting and correcting mistakes. 

Prerequisites: Basic knitting skills OR Beginning Knitting class

Homework: none


  • 2 skeins Koigu KPPPM (50g/175 yds)
  • US #4 needle
  • Knitting tools (Chibi, stitch markers, etc)

Skills Learned:

  • Simple lace knitting increases and decreases
  • Striping 2 colors
  • Interpreting stitches in previous rows
  • Fixing common lace knitting mistakes
  • Reading a lace chart