Drafting Beyond the Inchworm - $30

Wednesdays, October 14th & 28th, 6-8p

Most spinners have a drafting technique that they use most frequently.  This class will take your drafting to the next level and push you outside of your comfort zone.  Explore new drafting methods while learning about the different results each can produce.  In the first session, students will learn more about what makes a worsted yarn and how to draft for it.  The second session will cover woolen yarn and how we can change our drafting technique to produce it.

Prerequisites: Beginning Spinning & Plying or basic spinning skills (comfort with drafting and plying, familiarity with a wheel)


  • 5 oz of fiber provided in class - $25 materials fee
  • 3 empty bobbins
  • Spinning wheel in good working condition (we do have our classroom wheels available, just let us know if you need to use one for class)

Skills Learned:

  • Information regarding different fiber preparations and worsted/woolen yarns
  • Short forward draft
  • Short backward draft
  • Spinning from the fold
  • Spinning from a rolag
  • Long draw