Get the Most Out of Ravelry - $15


Saturday, October 10th, 2-4p

What did we ever do before Ravelry?  It's so much more than just a website and this class is going to guide you through exactly what Ravelry can do for you!  In this lecture-style session, students can follow along on their tablets or laptops as we set up a profile, search for the perfect project, upload photos, check out new yarns, and more!  

Prerequisites: n/a

Homework: have your Ravelry account established and be able to log-in during class if you choose to follow along online; if using an ipad or laptop, please make sure it is fully charged before class begins


  • Pen or pencil if taking notes
  • Ipad or laptop if following along in class

Skills Learned:

  • Navigating the various sections of Ravelry
  • Setting up a profile
  • How to find the patterns YOU want using advance pattern searches
  • How to find yarn information
  • Adding projects and uploading project photos
  • Participating in the Ravelry community