Knitting with Silk Hankies - $15

Saturday, April 11th, 2-4p

Demystify how to work with silk hankies!  Did you know that these soft, airy squares of fabric can be transformed into yarn? No special tools required!  In this class, students will learn what silk hankies are and how they are made.  We will also cover how to turn the hankies into yarn and give you some tips for working with the silk.  Cast on a new project in class and see how addicting these colorful stacks of silk can be! 

Prerequisites: Basic knitting skills


  • Project pattern (we recommend the Hitchhiker)
  • Silk hankie roll (1 or 2, depending on project)
  • Appropriately sized needles for your project

Skills Learned:

  • Separating silk squares
  • Drafting silk squares to a desired thickness
  • Knitting with silk hankie yarn